Borrowed and gifted


When l was first given an adult colouring book about a year ago l was a bit undecided. I’m not a child anymore and the thought of sitting down and colouring in seemed a bit odd. I did try to no avail. It just didn’t seem right and it was put away in a cupboard.

I found it again this summer and thought l would try to colour just one.20170326_095215

This time l was hooked. I don’t consider myself to be artistic and, maybe, the colours don’t go together and sometimes l don’t keep quite inside the lines, but so what. It is relaxing and the best part of it all is how it has all come together.

The book and colouring pencils were a gift, as was the cd/radio player. That was actually destined for the tip and my friend asked if l could use it. I listen to the radio or talking books that l borrow from the library.


All this is done on an old small wooden table that l use as a desk while sitting on my second hand kitchen chair. All of it gifted or borrowed and all of it such a lovely way to while away an hour or two.


I lead a blessed life indeed.


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