Let’s talk about shampoo

Now, that’s a strange subject you’re probably thinking. Well, this is a part of my simple living. I make natural, chemical free products, one of which is shampoo.

First thing is to get one of my ingredients. I use jars and clean plastic bags and bottles again and again. This is what l use to get Castile Soap. I take the bottle to my local Wholefoods shop and refill it when l need to. I do this because l am trying not to use one use plastics.


I have more than enough in here to make shampoo.

So that’s the first ingredient. The other is coconut milk (full fat). Yep, only 2 ingredients to make chemical free shampoo. 1/4 cup of each combined and you have shampoo.


This is what it looks like. You shake it every time you use it as well. It doesn’t have the usual shampoo fragrance, but, that’s not to say that it smells bad. It gently cleans my hair and l have eliminated another chemical from my life. You may have also noticed that it is in a reused yoghurt container.

This is one of the products l make that l only use myself. There are others, which l tell you about another day, that l give as gifts and use them to barter for eggs and home made bread and other things.

What does my hair look like,


It’s clean and what’s that you ask, who cuts my hair; well that would be me, but that’s a story for another day too.

So why not try making your own shampoo.

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