It was World Meteorological Day on the 23rd of this month. The theme this year was understanding clouds. I love clouds and never tire of looking at the sky.


This was my view this morning when l was out on my walk. I especially love seeing the sun rise.

I don’t know a lot about clouds, but, l do know that there are only certain types that can be seen at certain distances. Cumulus, Stratus, Stratocumulus and Cumulonimbus are the types we can see standing here on Earth and what a great show they are.


Storms clouds.


This bank of clouds looked so dramatic.



As do these.


These look like wispy ribbons in the sky.

Clouds play an important part in our weather systems and l plan to do more research about them. For me, watching the sky is one of life’s simple pleasures.

What are your simple pleasures?

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