Quotes on Monday

Each Monday l will post a quote that l like and hope that you do too.cropped-iris.jpg

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today – Benjamin Franklin

Now, this is most pertinent for me at the moment. I have to admit that l can, at times, be a procrastinator.

I’m a uni student in my final year of a Bachelor. Every semester l swear that l will keep up with all the work and have assignments in on time. Yep, l’m the queen of good intentions and what happens each semester: l leave it all to the very last minute and then it’s a mad scramble to finish everything.

Why do l keep doing this? It only makes me stressed and leaves me kicking myself for, yet again, putting things off.

This quote speaks loud and clear to me and it’s something l have to work on.

What about you, are you a procrastinator too?

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