Menu planning


I have two supermarkets an easy 10 minute walk away from where l live, and one of them is Aldi where l do most of my shopping.

The fact that they are so close is both a blessing and a curse. I don’t have a car so it is such a blessing that l can wheel my trolley up and get what l need with no problems. I can do a small bulk buy and get it back with ease.

The curse of them being so close is, and l know this is down to willpower, that l sometimes think l don’t want to eat … and go up and get something different or a snack to eat. I’ll admit now that l have a weakness for potato chips. When l start doing this my food budget is suddenly gone and l’m spending way more than l can afford.

There’s one sure fire way for me to stick to my budget and that is to menu plan. Above is one l’m working on. I know weekly menu plans help me keep within my budget and actually make me eat a healthier diet. I plan it out for the week, buy what l need and then stay away from the supermarket until the next week.

It makes sense so why do l stop planning; lack of willpower, that’s what it is. Plan out all my meals and snacks, that’s all l have to do. I’m currently working on a block of 4 weekly plans and am determined to stick to them.

They’re easy to do yourself. Think of the type of meals you like to eat and put them into a plan. If you include your snacks as well the week will be covered and, l firmly believe this, you will save money. Supermarkets can be tempting places. Only going when you do a major shop will save money.

Do you menu plan?



2 thoughts on “Menu planning

  1. Yes Jay. I usually shop according to a menu plan. In the past when I haven’t used menu plans I found I wasted food and could never decide what to make for dinner because I was usually missing an ingredient I needed.


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