My flower place


This is a weekly wrap up of what l have seen when out walking. I call it my flower place; a place where l love taking photos of flowers, trees and the sky and anything else that catches my eye.

Sunday was stormy and we had rain during the day. Just a note for new readers here. Nearly every photo l take of the sky will have telephone poles and wires in them because l live in Melbourne and am walking around suburban streets.


A lot of the flowers have gone for the season, but, l still saw some beauties like this gorgeous orange flower.


I liked this half of a flower.


My first sighting of Autumn colours. Melbourne is normally a mass of these, and really looks its best, but, the weather has stayed mild and there have been very few trees changing colour.


Just between you and me, l love, love, love palm trees and am always photography any l see.

Finally the sky this morning.



There was a pinkish tinge to the clouds and the forecast is for an overcast day with some showers.

It’s Easter here; l’m not going away, but have a lot to keep me busy.  Lots of uni work to do, am doing some baking and making 2 products for my soaps and suds range. One is an old favourite and l’m trialling a new one. More on that next week.

Enjoy your weekend.

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