Quotes on Monday

No news is good news



It may have been King James 1 of England who first said this quote or it may have been somebody else. Whoever it was, l agree and l say that as a former news junkie.

I was a voracious reader of newspapers, magazines and always watched the daily news on television.  I was especially interested in politics; now it leaves me cold.

I made the conscious decision to switch it all off. 24 hour news cycle, on line papers, fake news – don’t look at any of it and feel so much better for it. That’s not to say that l don’t know what’s going on, l do in a vague way and that’s enough for me now. It’s surprising how many people tell me they’ve done the same thing.

Now l get busy living my life, trying to be a productive member of my local community and let all the screaming headlines go by without a second glance.

What about you?

2 thoughts on “Quotes on Monday

  1. I tend to let a lot of the media reports pass me by. I prefer to focus my energy where I can make a difference, rather than just become alarmed by things I cannot control or influence. Except when I cyclone is heading down the coast, then I became a media junkie 🙂


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