My flower place

Not much to show you this week. I had to go away for a few days midweek so there hasn’t been much time to do anything other than catch up on all the uni work that’s due.

One thing l have been noticing are mushrooms.


They’re springing up everywhere down the back where the chickens are. I’m no expert when it comes to mushrooms so l just let them be. The chickens aren’t eating them either. Maybe some of you may know what they are.


What this does tell me is that the soil is good. The chickens have done a great job fertilising the soil and l am slowly moving all my veggie pots down there. I originally set up my vegetable garden, which l grow in pots, closer to the house, but, the weather has changed and that area is now too hot. Everything gets burnt and dies so l’m moving everything ready for spring this year.

I did manage to get out for a walk yesterday and after a few tough days it was so good to see this magnificent sunrise.


Seeing this beauty in nature calms my soul. I don’t see the local Mcdonalds when l look at this; l just see the magnificent sky behind it.

Hope you all enjoyed your week.

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