My flower place 28/4


You’ve got to love Melbourne weather. Monday was so mild that l went for my walk in a t-shirt and shorts. yesterday l was walking around in my coat, beenie and gloves!

I normally go for my walk early morning, but, on Monday l went later, after lunch, and went down a few new streets. That’s where l found this beauty, a bird of paradise flower. Having tan bark around it really makes the colours stand out.



Aren’t these pretty. I think they’re called Correa. They have a gorgeous tube shape.

Now these, these l will definitely try and grow myself.


I’ve seen them in white, but, this orange is so vibrant and this is the colour l want. I have been told what they are but can’t think of the name at the moment. Come Spring l’m definitely getting some seeds. I think they are divine flowers and one of my favourites.

The cold weather arrived on Tuesday and with it frequent heavy showers. I love how the water reflects the trees.20170425_081712

and l even found one with a palm tree in it; you know how l love palm trees.


On a sad note, the dead tree has finally collapsed. Although it was dead, it still looked dramatic, but, now it’s finally gone.



So that’s my week. How’s your week been?



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