Not an interesting subject.


This is not a very interesting subject, but, it’s an important one about the way l live simply. This is my homemade laundry liquid cooling. Yes, this is how l save on money. l love this liquid for a number of reasons; l want to be more self sufficient, l want to help the environment and l need to live within a budget.

No nasty chemicals in this liquid, it’s it recycled containers that l use and use again and, at 72 washes, it helps me save money.

I am frugal by nature and necessity. I live on a fixed income and budget down to the last cent.  I also live within my means; l didn’t always and that was a hard lesson to learn.  Now, budgeting is second nature to me, but that doesn’t mean l don’t like going out and doing things. I love ballet and musical theatre and l factor that into every fortnightly budget. Living frugally means l save money on things like laundry liquid so l can spend money on things that l want to do.  I’m going to 2 ballets in the coming months. If l had to find the money for these on the day l couldn’t do it, but, put away a small amount each fortnight and l can. That’s what simple living means to me. Lux flakes, borax and washing soda make it possible.

As l said, not a very interesting subject, but one that leads to greater things.


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